Felipe VI presents Sharon Olds with the 1st Joan Margarit Poetry Award

Last July 21, at the headquarters of the Cervantes Institute of New York, King Felipe VI awarded the renowned U.S. poet and poetess Sharon Olds the I Joan Margarit International Poetry Prize. The award, sponsored by the Instituto Cervantes, the Cervantes publishing house La Cama Sol and the family of the late Catalan poet Joan Margarit, has become an event of great relevance for the literary community, receiving extensive coverage in the mainstream media.

The event, which was attended by prominent personalities from the literary and cultural world, was an emotional poetic tribute that paid tribute to the legacy of Joan Margarit and celebrated the literary career of Sharon Olds, who has been considered a benchmark in American poetry.

At the ceremony, King Felipe VI gave a speech in which he highlighted the figure of Joan Margarit, his dedication to the Catalan and Spanish languages, and his commitment to poetry as a tool to provide help, defense and comfort in the face of life’s adversities.

Sharon Olds, thrilled to receive this prestigious award, expressed her gratitude and considered it a gift from heaven. In her speech, the laureate reflected on the power of the arts and how they can play a crucial role in protecting our planet and connecting with our humanity.

The award jury highlighted Sharon Olds’ commitment to truth and the ruthless presence of life in her poetry, qualities that have made her one of the most authentic and genuine voices in contemporary poetry. In addition, his courage in addressing both everyday aspects of family life and world political events in his literary works was recognized.

The awarding of the I Joan Margarit Poetry Prize attracted the attention of the main media such as EL PAÍS o
La Vanguardia
who have echoed the award and highlighted the relevance of the award for contemporary poetry and the celebration of literary talent.

The award, which bears the name of the Catalan poet, has become an international recognition that will make it possible to disseminate his poetic legacy in other countries and make foreign authors known in Catalan and Spanish, thus following the spirit of the translations that Margarit carried out.

With this award, Joan Margarit and Sharon Olds have united their verses and their passion for poetry, creating a beautiful encounter in the shared library of world literature.