Joan Margarit at the Barcelona Academy of Art

October 9, 2019 was marked as a milestone of great relevance with the presentation of the new book “An Older Woman” by the outstanding poet
Joan Margarit
in a unique artistic collaboration together with the renowned artist
Paula Rego
. This exceptional event took place in the distinguished setting of the Barcelona Academy of Art, a setting that proved to be the perfect backdrop to highlight the moving poetry of Joan Margarit in dialogue with the expressive work of Portuguese painter Paula Rego. This artistic meeting took place in the context of a school run by renowned painter Jordi Díaz Alamà, where the presentation room was framed by the inspiring creations of promising students.

This day will remain engraved in the memory of all attendees as a moment in which the magic of art and poetry merged to create a unique experience.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the memories and relive the most memorable moments of this event that celebrated the work and legacy of the exceptional Joan Margarit.