Sharon Olds, winner of the Joan Margarit Poetry Prize, is the subject of a major media commentary

The choice of
Sharon Olds
the renowned American poet, as the winner of the 1st Joan Margarit International Poetry Prize has generated a great stir in the literary world. Her work, characterized by its profound sensitivity and exploration of universal themes, has captivated the jury, who made her the winner of this honor. The main national media outlets such as El País, ABC, La Vanguardia, Cadena Ser, 20 minutos and the newspaper El Español have dedicated a prominent space in their publications to share the news and to highlight the importance of this award.

All of them mention the relevance of his work and his contribution to contemporary poetry. This recognition consolidates Sharon Olds as one of the most outstanding voices on the literary scene today and highlights her ability to move and connect with readers through her sincere and powerful poetry.

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